Box Rules

The box is our home and you are part of our CrossFit family. We want everyone to feel welcome and have a blast. The box rules are to be followed to create a community that is safe, has good vibes within a clean and comfortable environment for everyone to train at. So please do your part. 🙂

1.Be part of the CrossFit family.

We are a community and want everyone to feel part of it. Introduce yourself to new faces and cheer others on.

2.Be on time for classes.

By coming late you interrupt the class flow and disturb the other athletes and the coach. If you still happen to be late, you will perform 10 burpees/each late minute when you arrive. This will work as a good warm up and make you arrive earlier next time.

3.Leave your ego outside the box.

You can’t get everything straight away no matter how much you’d want to. Be humble and work smart & hard on your own level towards your goals. Hard work always pays off.

4.Listen to the Coach.

If the Coach tells you to correct technique, scale a movement or go down with weights, there is a reason for that. The Coach is there to make you better in a smart and safe way.

5.Treat the equipment well.

Don’t drop the barbells. If you lift heavy and need to drop, use the safe to drop -area or lifting pads. Never drop an empty barbell or kettlebell. Treat the rowers and other machines gentle too.

 6.Clean what you create.

Whether it’s sweat, blood, tears, vomit or magnesium – clean it up after yourself. Our staff will help you to find the cleaning materials. Every equipment has its own place – clean and return your equipment after use, please.

7.Technique – Repeatability – Intensity.

→ Technique: Be patient to learn the right techniques in all the movements.
→ Repeatability: Only start adding weights and performance speed when the technique allows you to keep a good form from the first to the last repetition.
→ Intensity: A proper technique repetition after repetition is the baseline for training safely at a higher intensity and heart rate.

8.Tell us if something is wrong.

That involves yourself. Please let us know if you have any injuries or health concerns. Also, let us know if something is broken or missing. Whether its a tear in a rubber band or lack of toilet paper, we can only help when we know.

9.Have fun and do your best!